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Thoughtful and thorough, Kathryn Murphy Interiors specializes in personalized design for the Vintage Modern home. We celebrate the unique features and tricky floor plans, find innovative ways to transform what's frustrating to be functional and create inviting, livable spaces that work simply and beautifully and look simply beautiful.

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Our Services

We are overjoyed that you have chosen to partner with Kathryn Murphy Interiors to create the home of your dreams! We believe that home is sacred and that thoughtful, enduring design stems from a deep understanding of the unique way that you live inside your space. That's why our process begins here - with a comprehensive look at our design process and what you can expect at every step. 


We have the skill and experience to manage every aspect of your home project, making the process both efficient and enjoyable. Most importantly, we are adept at collaborating closely with clients, resulting in a home that feels tailor-made for you—because it is.

If you're tired of guessing whether or not something will work or aren't sure how to navigate the many, many options available for your renovation,  not only does having a plan help you save money in the long term (hello sofa that doesn’t really fit and rug you kinda hate but bought because it was on sale), walking into a room you love changes how you feel about everything.


We would love to learn more about your project and how we can help. Get started by filling out our inquiry form.

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“Kathryn had such a great vision for my space. She was full of suggestions for new ways to organize and use my living room. I went from overwhelmed to motivated to make my space really feel like mine!”

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