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Homes with old bones thrill us.

We see uneven lines, dysfunctional layouts, and “victorian” storage as more of an invitation than anything, and we want to give your old gal the new life she deserves. We’re here to deliver nothing less than finely choreographed interiors and rooms that dance.

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Our Services

We are so happy you’re here! Home is a sacred place and it means a lot that you would trust us with it. We’re fiercely committed to enduring design that honors the way you live and move inside your space. Depending on what you need, we have three packages that tailor our services to your needs, including full-service interior design, full-service furnishing, and design consultation. Take a look below to see where you fit!  All services are guided by our Core Principles


Timeline: 6-12 months

We live for adapting old homes to modern life. We can work completely from the ground up, give a newer home a major soulful makeover, or just tackle a kitchen or bath. Your baby is our baby and as part of the full-service design, we assemble a top-notch team dedicated to obsessing over the details. Going from concept to completion, we’re there to cover furnishings, styling, creative direction, procurement and everything in between. More than anything, what really matters to us is getting to know you—your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. We deeply care about creating a space that feels like you, functions like a dream, and looks fantastic.

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Timeline: 1 Day

Our Design Intensive is a delightful one-day consultation experience that is a strategically streamlined version of the design process. This service is crafted for those seeking a burst of creativity and personalized expertise. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of ideas, uncovering innovative concepts, tailored recommendations, and an infectious energy that will leave you inspired. Embrace the beauty of your home, let your imagination soar, and embark on the extraordinary journey of design with our Design Intensive.

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Timeline: 3-6 months

This is perhaps our most popular option and where we roll up our sleeves and breathe soul into a space, layering treasures, color, textures and spectacular furniture in your home. A lot of people love their space, layout, and home but have absolutely no clue how to fill it in. Full Service Furnishing is where we come in and level up everything in your home. We will measure, concept, render, source, design, procure, receive, coordinate, install, and style every last thing until your room is full and finished to perfection. This is where the magic happens.I


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Timeline: 1 Day

A design consultation is the first step in working with us. We live and breathe tricky layouts and challenging spaces that come with the territory in older homes, and sometimes a one-on-one design consultation is all you need to move past your design questions. During these consultations, we provide expert guidance, valuable insights, and actionable direction to help solve problems and transform your space. 

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We would love to learn more about your project and how we can help. Get started by filling out our inquiry form.

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“Kathryn had such a great vision for my space. She was full of suggestions for new ways to organize and use my living room. I went from overwhelmed to motivated to make my space really feel like mine!”

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