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KMI Core Principals

Kathryn Murphy Interiors designs beautiful spaces that reflect the unique identities and lived experiences of our clients.

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  • We make intentional choices.  KMI is intentional - not only about your project’s design elements but also about who we source from and the vendors we partner with.  We love to support small, local, and BIPOC-owned businesses whenever we can.  

  • We use materials with integrity.  KMI considers environmental sustainability when choosing materials.  We are conscious of appropriation in our design elements, and we conduct due diligence to ensure artists are being properly credited and compensated for any work we incorporate. 

  • We build relationships.  KMI values authentic relationships with our clients, our vendors, and our partners.  Relationships of this caliber require trust, respect, and candid communication - all of which we hope to cultivate with each of our partners.  

  • Our work is inherently collaborative.  Good design doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  We believe that all of our projects benefit from authentic collaboration.  Iteration, discussion, and revisions are all a part of our work together.   

  • Your home should be a sanctuary.  You deserve a gorgeous space that brings you peace.  Everyone at KMI honors your home as a space you are inviting us (and our partners) into.  We don’t take it lightly.  

  • Transformation is wonderful.  This process, and the eventual outcome, is amazing and full of joy.  Transforming your space can mean so much more than just updating the design - it can represent a new chapter, bring a new perspective or unlock new potential.  We try to keep our eyes on this prize throughout the process, because: 

  • Change is hard.  The end result will pay dividends, but the road to get there can be tricky.  Time, money, decisions, and a sprinkle of chaos…all of this can create stress throughout the process.  There’s no getting around it, but we’ve learned that getting in front of it can smooth out some of the bumps along the way.  

  • No one should work for free.  Talking about costs and money can often bring tension.  KMI hopes to mitigate that tension by keeping conversations about money candid and clear.  We value your budget and never take your money for granted.  We also value our vendor partnerships and honor their labor (as well as our own).  

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