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Thoughtful and thorough, Kathryn Murphy Interiors specializes in personalized design for the Vintage Modern home. We celebrate the unique features and tricky floor plans, find innovative ways to transform what's frustrating to be functional and create inviting, livable spaces that work simply and beautifully and look simply beautiful.

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At Kathryn Murphy Interiors we find joy in helping clients see their home in new ways - in coming into a room and seeing possibilities instead of limitations.  We believe that home is sacred and that thoughtful, enduring design stems from a deep understanding of the unique way that you live inside your space.


Living in and raising a family in the Chicago area often means choosing from leaning Victorians, small-roomed four squares, or a variety of added-upon bungalows. We design for today's families living in these old homes. It's making spaces flow with less than optimal floor plans. It's creative solutions and frank conversations around a complete lack of storage. It's the never-ending laundry list (including what floor your laundry is on) that includes low ceilings, surprising plumbing and pipes, and nary a thing found that's level or square.

From a full room redesign to styling what you have and adding in a few key pieces, we will help you love your home and make sure it reflects your style… even if you don’t know exactly what your style is right now.

Homes can come together, and come alive, when they're fully articulated reflections of their residents. Into these unique spaces comes your uniquely-you family.  Wherever you are in your life,  there are needs specific to who you are and how you live. Vintage Modern living is using your space most effectively and loving what it looks and how it feels. For once, you can have it all.


Kathryn Murphy Interiors understands everyone needs a little help, whether it's to uncover your ideal aesthetic in the first place or translate it to work with reality. Inviting someone into your home is an exercise in trust and discovery. We're dedicated to making the process as enjoyable as it is transformative.

Our Services include: 

Full-Service Design

  • Renovations

  • Furniture, Art & Material Selections

  • Floor Plans and Elevations

  • Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

Design Master Plan

  • DIY Design with the guiding hand of a professional!

Design Consult

  • Quick advice on a project to get you started. 


From the Founder

My superpower is seeing possibilities where others see limitations. This, alongside my years of experience in listening to multiple stakeholders and creating consensus, creates a unique combination of skills that work together to create a room, or an entire home, that is individual to each client. From exploring new ways of living in an old space to renovations that reflect contemporary needs and while honoring history (without making it too precious) to simply helping find common ground between different styles and ideas I listen and create the perfect space for you.   

My particular expertise blends a background that includes education, artistry, project management, facilitation and consensus building. In addition to my years of interior design expertise, I hold an MA in dance education and have experience with special needs populations that I bring to every design. Those years as an artist mean I can't help but enter a room and consider light, color and how people will move through and be still in a space. This knowledge means that not only will your space be beautifully coordinated, but I also spend time understanding how you move through the space and choreograph the furnishings accordingly. And if your family has additional needs, I have the experience to make sure your home works for everyone who lives there.


A family room that works for everyone.

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