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We celebrate unique features
and tricky floor plans.

Thoughtful and thorough, Kathryn Murphy Interiors specializes in personalized design for the Vintage Modern home. We find innovative ways to transform the frustrating to the functional, and create inviting, livable spaces that work simply and beautifully and look simply beautiful.


At Kathryn Murphy Interiors, we delight in transforming how clients see their homes. Turning limitations into possibilities is our secret sauce. We believe in the magic of home and that thoughtful, enduring design comes from understanding how our clients uniquely exist in their space.


As experts in restoring old homes, we see leaning Victorians, cozy four squares, and delightful bungalows as our playgrounds. Our bread and butter is designing for today's families living in these old homes (along with new builds that could use some character infusion). We make spaces flow with less than optimal floor plans. Have frank conversations and provide creative solutions around a complete lack of storage. Let's solve the woes of low ceilings, surprising plumbing and pipes, and nary a thing found that's level or square. We aren’t just up for the challenge, we’re begging for it. 


From the Founder

Kathryn Murphy (she/hers) is an unapologetic artist with a penchant for old homes and odd shapes. Drawing from her experience in dance and choreography, she considers how light, sound, and human interaction will shape a space. She orchestrates more than just a room's interior design; she’s creating the scenes and movements that will play out in it. Above all, Kathryn appreciates that home where the most important moments of life take place. Her goal is to create beautiful homes where relationships can be nurtured, and a sense of community can flourish. Kathryn believes in creating inclusive spaces that celebrate diversity and embrace justice.

Her superpower is seeing possibilities where others see limitations. This, alongside years of experience in listening to multiple stakeholders and creating consensus, creates a unique combination of skills that work together to create a room, or an entire home, that is individual to each client. 


A family room that works for everyone.

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