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Design Intensive

wallpapered room with daybed and small office

Timeline: 1 Day 

Investment: $$


Need help picking new furniture for your living room or the perfect shade for your walls?  This boutique package is perfect for those who are in a time crunch or just need a little direction. A Design Intensive streamlines the process as we work through your goals together in one day.* ​


Our Design Intensive consultation is a thorough 4-hour day, with a little homework prior, that is led by you! Choose your top priorities and we'll help you determine where to focus the time. We'll come to your space to work through as many design issues as time allows, giving you valuable guidance and advice, and helping avoid costly mistakes along the way. 

Great for:

Busy professionals who just need to get going and not spread out meetings over time, design lovers who want assistance putting all their ideas together and expert advice, as well as those who have some ideas and want to work through them together. A Design Intensive is a great way to dive into putting your home together as we explore any aspect of interior design - from furnishings to shopping together to planning a renovation. They do not provide drawings or construction documents. 


This is what I need! How does it work?

​Design Intensives provide up to 4 hours on-site, with a little bit of homework and a pre-meeting zoom to make sure we're prepared before we meet, and are followed by clear notes from the day. This packed day lets us dive in to define your style and goals and work together to blaze through your home design goals.  Whether you're solving a specific design dilemma, putting together finishes before meeting with your contractor, or working on a set of design-related questions - a design intensive takes us through the process at light speed. 

If I book this and want more, what happens?

If we wrap our intensive and it's a great match or your plan and scope expand, we can craft a full proposal and we've already started to build the trust and mutual understanding to knock something bigger out of the park. See Full-Service Design services for more information.

*Design Intensives are offered T-F, 9 am - 1 pm.

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