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Yes, And ...

Some projects, just like friendships, begin slowly. A paint consult and conversation. Sharing ideas. Thinking about goals. The evolution from let’s refresh the paint to goodness that fresh paint highlights how everything in this room is perhaps ready to move on. We recently worked with Oak Park clients Patricia Nix-Hodes and Mark Hodes to bring new life to their family room.

Throughout our collaboration, Patricia realized that they had outgrown the space – the kids were out of the house, the room felt outdated, and it wasn’t serving their lifestyle anymore. Moving on from something you’re fond of isn’t always easy, but reimagining this room was a fun adventure!

I loved working with Kathryn. She had so many great ideas and found pieces that worked so well together. She seemed to have an idea of what we would like before we even realized what we wanted.

KMI: What plans did you have before the design process? What pain points were you excited to address?

PNH: Our living room felt very heavy and dark. It was outdated and some of the furniture was not in good condition. I didn't enjoy spending time in the living room. I spent a lot of time in the early part of the pandemic working in the living room and I think spending so much time there made me realize that it needed a change.

Post Paint Consult

The hope was a place for hosting and gathering, whether having a night in with the family or inviting friends over. Cozy enough to settle in for the night with a good book, but ready to host a large group, too!

Patricia’s family room already had some good bones to spark the vision. Imagine built-ins, a mantel, plenty of windows, and natural light. What it needed was a little fine-tuning. Some fresh paint, soft textures, and furniture, a room that still feels well-loved and lived in, but new and exciting.

KMI: Where did you draw inspiration when dreaming up this space?

PNH: I wanted the space to feel light, from color schemes to moving away from heavy pieces.

Natural woods, shades of blue, and blush tones invite you in to stay awhile. Calm, cool, and collected. We chose furniture that looked and felt brighter. In addition, we picked out performance upholstery and sturdy chairs to accommodate those with less mobility.

KMI: Was there a specific way you wanted or needed this space to function for your family/household?

PNH: I wanted there to be space to comfortably accommodate guests of all ages. I wanted to have a comfortable, used, and lived-in space. I wanted to accommodate different activities.

Perfect for reading, game nights, or hosting a dinner party — this space is lowkey and lively at the same time. We wanted everything to feel functional and accessible, creating pathways around the room, and ensuring a flow that works for everyone moving through the space. At KMI we love to utilize design in a way that doesn’t leave anyone out.

KMI: How was your experience with the design process?

PNH: I loved working with Kathryn. She had so many great ideas and found pieces that worked so well together. She seemed to have an idea of what we would like before we even realized what we wanted.

We love original details and this home has them in spades. From the fireplace and built-ins to the gorgeous windows with their Juliet balconies - we made sure the bones of the home were showcased. Choosing pieces that blended in with the family’s new intention and style for the space meant gathering vases, vintage books, and art with the same warm feeling as the family room. The display can be easily mixed and matched, flowing with the seasons.

PNH: This design has definitely increased the enjoyment of our space and I would like to extend that enjoyment to other spaces in my home.

There is a freedom in thinking about how a home serves all aspects of life, with the ability to be changed as new needs may arise. We love a surprise along the way – from a small start to a big spark of inspiration. Our favorite part of the process is getting to find your style together.

All photos by Erin Konrath.


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