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Updating 90's Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets. We've all seen them. Many of us live with them. Often they are in good shape, but just need a little work to make them fit a new aesthetic. Reusing the cabinets and adding reclaimed materials is a green option that keeps the cabinetry out of the landfill and allows us to add character and detail with the reclaimed wood.

This home had a dated buffet with the dreaded cherry cabinets, along with a mirror mosaic countertop that just didn't fit the style of the new owners. We were able to create a beautiful custom built-in library using those original cabinets and a little ingenuity.

Along the way we also updated the paint color, light fixture, and furnishings for the space. Here's where things started.

We started by painting the existing cabinets in Farrow and Ball's Inchyra Blue and adding streamlined brass hardware. Then we removed the existing mosaic countertop and replaced it with a reclaimed custom wood counter (with wood sourced from Reuse Depot if you're local). Using reclaimed boards provides a beautiful patina with character that fits in this 1888 home. And in keeping with reusing the cabinets instead of replacing, allows us to continue repurposing materials instead of sending them to the landfill.

Speaking of landfill, unfortunately that's where this mosaic counter ended up. It was impossible to remove intact and already had several broken areas.

Once the base was set, we created custom shelves that extended from the new counter to the ceiling for a beautiful display and library space. Brass picture lights and embedded charging stations finish off the shelves, adding functionality and beauty to this revised space. The shelves are designed to so they can easily function as a buffet for holidays and entertaining. Styled with a mixture of the client's own books and collected objects, they added personality and functional storage to this lovely dining room.


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