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Returning Home

After decades as a two-flat, this 1867 Farmhouse is getting new life with a young family. To start it's transformation, we brought the kitchen back to life, with a purposeful, minimal design that incorporates the client's love of birds and considers environmental impact.

Redefining Spaces

We began with a blank slate in two of the three spaces, as the former 2-flat kitchen and pantry cabinets had been removed. The kitchen was full of potential, and full of space puzzles to solve (how do we keep these gorgeous, but challengingly placed, original windows and why are there so many doors). So we started with function as always.

The family needed a fully functioning kitchen, laundry room, pantry, and full bath all within the existing floor plan. Good thing we like puzzles.

The Kitchen Before

The Kitchen Before

Removing a small closet and rearranging the bathroom proved to be the key to making the space work. Now not only did the bathroom have a better flow, but we also had a new space for the range and cabinetry along the wall.

Removing the awkward closet and reconfiguring the doors creates a functional layout in a minimal footprint. A pocket door on the pantry allows light in when in hidden away and keeps little hands out when needed.

More creative problem solving managed the next piece: a laundry room full of potential. We updated the layout, added open shelving to take full advantage of the space without blocking light and included gorgeous wallpaper to make everyday chores a little more beautiful.

This galley kitchen provides plenty of counter space and room for two cooks, even with littles helping. Keeping the upper cabinets minimal makes the space feel open and airy, while the dish rack and open shelving provide ample storage.

Small but mighty! Old houses don't always have the best layout for today. Budgets don't always stretch to an addition. We fit an efficient entry storage solution into the kitchen for this busy family of four.

Reconfiguring the layout and removing an awkward closet allows this bathroom to gain function, style, and storage.

In all of this we focused on efficient choices to maximize the space and added details that incorporated the client's interests throughout each room.


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