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We are overjoyed that you are interested in partnering with Kathryn Murphy Interiors to create the home of your dreams! We believe that home is sacred. Thoughtful, enduring design stems from a deep understanding of the unique way that you live inside your space. That's why our process begins here — with a comprehensive look at our design process and what you can expect at every step.

We have the skill and experience to manage every aspect of your home project, making the process both efficient and enjoyable. Most importantly, we are adept at collaborating closely with clients, resulting in a home that feels tailor-made for you — because it is.

The Design Process

Full-Service Design is composed of three separate phases: Design, Product Procurement/Pre-Construction, and Installation. 

Phase I

Inquiry and Design

Phase II

Procurement and Pre-Construction

Phase III



Where all good ideas begin — with curiosity and conversation. We get the details for your project, your style, your goals — the works!


After your Discovery Call, we launch your project with a Design Consult — a working meeting in your space to discuss the entire project and create the full proposal.


This is followed by a questionnaire (or two), measuring and visioning, along with setting up your personalized client portal. Your client portal has all your project information in one place — from emails to Pinterest boards to the final design plan keeping you informed and organized as we move through your project.


Then we get to work behind the scenes, synthesizing all this information to create your design plan — creating floor plans, visual concept boards, furnishing and accessory sourcing, designing any custom cabinetry and millwork — all as we curate your design presentation for review and final approval. If your plan involves construction, we may also bring our trusted partners in at this time.


In general, you can expect the design process to take 6 -8 weeks from measuring to presentation for two-three rooms or a single room renovation. Whole-home design will take up to 6 months and may be presented in phases.

After your design is approved, we move into procurement and pre-construction. During this time all materials are ordered for your project. Elevations, spec books, and other pre-construction concept documents are created to help your GC implement the vision. These documents supplement the plans created by your architect to bring your home to life.

The installation phase includes white glove delivery of all furnishings and professional on-site styling with the KMI team. For construction, this includes the final walk through of the project. Professional photography may also be included during this phase.

To start your full-service design project, book a discovery call below. 

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