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Full-Service Furnishing

Similar to our Full-Service Design, Full-Service Furnishing is broken into phases: Design, Product Procurement, and Installation. We have so much fun with this service. It’s where your home comes to life! You can be sure the process will be efficient and enjoyable with plenty of updates along the way. 


Your Full-Service Furnishing Interior Design Process will look something like this:


Initial Consultation:

We begin with an initial consultation, to understand your vision, tastes, and lifestyle. Send us your Pinterest boards, favorite celeb houses, talk about what you love about your home, and where you’d like it to go. Anything! This helps us gather valuable insights into your unique tastes, quirks, and wishes.


Concept Development:

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, our team of experienced designers will create a comprehensive furnishing design concept. We focus on bringing in your distinct personality and style into the concept, while considering your functional needs and budget.


Design Presentation:


Once the concept is finalized, we will present it to you through detailed visualizations, mood boards, and sample materials. This presentation allows you to visualize how your space will come together and make any necessary adjustments or additions before moving forward.


Space Planning:


Our designers will meticulously analyze the layout and dimensions of your space to develop an optimal furniture arrangement plan. We consider traffic flow, functionality, and your specific requirements to ensure a harmonious and efficient design. There is no awkward nook or cranny that we can’t work around! 


Furniture and Décor Selection:


With access to an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers, we curate a selection of furniture, fixtures, fabrics, lighting, and accessories that align with your style and budget. We source unique and quirky pieces that add character to your space while ensuring comfort and functionality.


Procurement and Installation:


Once the selections are approved, we handle the procurement process, coordinating with vendors and overseeing deliveries. Our team of professionals will then efficiently manage the installation, ensuring all items are placed correctly and according to the design plan.


Styling and Finishing Touches:


To bring your space to life, we focus on the finer details. We add personal touches, unique artwork, accessories, and textiles that enhance the overall design aesthetic. Our team pays close attention to every aspect, ensuring a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.


Final Reveal:

The moment you've been waiting for! We unveil your newly designed space, and you get to experience the transformation firsthand. We make sure everything is in place, and all the elements come together harmoniously to reflect your style and accommodate you and your home’s personality.


Post-Design Support:


Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end with the final reveal. We offer post-design support, addressing any questions or concerns you may have and providing guidance on the maintenance and care of your newly furnished space.

Need help picking new furniture for your living room or the perfect shade for your walls?  This boutique package is perfect for those who are in a time crunch or just need a little direction. A Design Intensive streamlines the process as we work through your goals together in one day.* ​

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