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Kathryn Murphy Interiors


Everyone say it together:
“Homes are meant to be enjoyed!”

We are a full-service interior design studio prone to falling in love with old homes and obsessing over the details. We specialize in elevated, modern-vintage design from one room to a full renovation.


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Living in a historic home with style.

"Several months out, I’m also surprised by just how much joy the space brings me. I figured I’d feel relief that the broken and neglected stuff was gone but I am genuinely overjoyed every time I walk in there…even to clean!"

Julie Burwell

Kathryn Murphy Interiors

At Kathryn Murphy Interiors, we delight in transforming how clients see their homes. Turning limitations into possibilities is our secret sauce. We believe in the magic of home and that thoughtful, enduring design comes from understanding how our clients uniquely exist in their space.


Based in the heart of old-charm Chicago, leaning Victorians, cozy four squares, and a delightful mishmash of bungalows is our playground. Our bread and butter is designing for today's families living in these old homes. We make spaces flow with less-than-optimal floor plans. Have frank conversations and provide creative solutions around a complete lack of storage. And solve the woes of low ceilings, surprising plumbing and pipes, and nary a thing found that's level or square. We aren’t just up for the challenge, we’re begging for it.

Kathryn Murphy Interiors designs beautiful spaces that reflect the unique identities and lived experiences of our clients.   Located in Oak Park and River Forest, KMI is the interior design studio for Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 

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