Our 5th Anniversary!

We're celebrating our 5th anniversary this month! We want to thank all of you that have supported us from our first small consults to the full renovations we do today. At Kathryn Murphy Interiors we belive that home is sacred. Your trust and the invitation to be a part of your home's story, as well as your family's lives, is something we don't take for granted. To thank all of you for your support we've created a luxe living room design, complete with sample floor plans and product list. We'll be sharing other anniversary thank you gifts throughout the month on our Instagram page, so be sure to follow us there.

At KMI we love using color on furnishings as well as walls. The July Anniversary Edit is anchored with this gorgeous sage green performance velvet sofa. Clean lines and a bench cushion along with vintage styling make this sofa at home in any decor, while the performance fabric, hardwood frame and down/foam cushion fill make it practical for everyday life.

We've paired this luxe sofa with modern leather sling chairs for a fun contrast that still keeps comfort and practicality front of mind. All connected by a beautiful wool rug that ties everything together.

For your walls, we're loving the warmth of this taupe-y pink paint. If you want to level up, try layering in some pattern with the suggested wallpaper.

Wallpaper is versatile - you could try it layered, with the paint on wainscoting and wallpaper above, with wallpaper above the fireplace, or using the wallpaper in the foyer as you move into the room.

Finally, we've created two sample floor plans based on the vintage homes we see most often. Vintage homes often have a series of smaller spaces with an abundance of windows and door openings.

In the first floor plan, try placing the sofa in front of the bay of windows, with a console behind, then spacing the chairs across so you maintain access to the adjoining room. The long wall is an excellent place for a large artwork or a gallery wall.

If your home is closer to plan two, try two sofas across from each other. This creates a cozy conversation space with the fireplace as your focal point.

Finally, if you have a larger room try two sofas across from each other, with two of the leather chairs across from the fireplace or media center. A large built-in would be lovely here as well if you have blank walls instead of windows by your fireplace.

You can shop all the items below. We've added links for a few other options as well, in case leather isn't your cup of tea or you'd prefer a neutral rug. And of course, if you'd like to schedule a Design Consult, we're happy to help personalize this design or floor plan for your space, adding artwork and accessories.

While we always advocate for investing in high quality furnishings, we know that sometimes the budget just won't stretch. So for this Anniversary Edit we've also created a look-alike room at a lower price point. You'll find all the details at the end of this post. Prices for all pieces include tax and shipping where possible.


This look-alike version features a performance velvet sofa of engineered and solid wood, with a down-alternative cushion paired with a modern leather sling chair and family friendly power-loomed rug. While a power loomed rug won't last as long as wool, it's a wonderful budget alternative for families with young children or pets.

The disclaimers: please make sure you measure carefully, both the room and doorways, to ensure any items ordered will fit your space. KMI is not responsible for any items ordered and does not warranty any furnishings. Pricing and availability are subject to change and out of our control.