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Design Consult

wallpapered room with daybed and small office

Timeline: 1 Day 

Investment: $

Let's get started!  Design Consults are the starting point for all work with Kathryn Murphy Interiors. Whether you're feeling stuck, ready to start a larger project, or just want to have a designer's eye on an idea a Design Consult will have you ready to rock. Design Consults are like having a designer on call  we can discuss everything from paint colors to bookshelf styling to what to do with that awkward nook that’s driving you crazy.

Great for: 

If you want an honest opinion, a fresh set of eyes, or expert confirmation that you're making the right choices, a quick-hit stand-alone Design Consult packs a punch and makes an impact. Design Consults also kick off larger Full Service and Design Master Plan projects.  


Whether you're solving a specific design dilemma like finally figuring out a floor plan that works (hello room with way too many doorways), picking paint colors (seriously, how do I work with all this wood trim?), reworking a room plan with what you already own (can we please keep Great Uncle Alfred's piano), or adding a few key finishing pieces (Have you met Frederick?).  


Design Consults also kick off larger Full Service and Design Master Plan projects.  


This is what I need! How does it work?

Design Consults are offered online or in-person and include a pre-meeting questionnaire and 75-minute personal consultation. Stand-alone Design Consults also provide notes and/or a design board (which may include a suggested floor plan or a shopping list) of all that we discuss.


Design Consults do not provide a full room design. If you're looking for that, take a peek at what's included in our other services.

If I book this and want more, what happens?

If we wrap our consult and it's a great match or your plan and scope expand, we can add additional hours or craft a full proposal and we've already started to build the trust and mutual understanding to knock something bigger out of the park. See Full-Service Design services for more information.

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